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Posted on: January 21, 2008 5:02 pm
012108 - Is it me or have the NEW YORK GIANTS been playing their best football since LAWRENCE TAYLOR left, or what? The ever present question I have in my mind is why, since JEREMY SHOCKEY has been injured, have they been playing at such a high level? I though for the entire season, thru week fifteen, that ELI MANNING was ruining the perennial pro bowlers chances at the HALL OF FAME; SHOCKEY AND MANNING were not playing on the same field, let alone the same team for all those weeks, seasons, whatever.  We all know SHOCKEY as aggressive, earth and helment shattering runs after the catch, etc., then he goes down.  He is replaced by a no name guy, albeit, a cool name called BOSS.  All of a sudden the Tight End was catching passes, and running the right routes. On the same page.  Now I am starting to think SHOCKEY may have been the biggest distraction on the field and in the locker room.  It would probably be hushed up in the locker room, even by Eli himself.  But at this point I would try to get a low draft pick for Shockey, go for an additional CB and LB, and keep BOSS in the starting role.  I may be crazy, but the coincidence with winning without shockey is too obvious to ignore.
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